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Reiki Existing Client Session (Human)

Reiki Existing Client Session (Human)

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Reiki Existing Client Session (Human)

As a returning client, you already know the profound benefits that Reiki can bring to your life. Our Reiki Existing Client Sessions are designed to continue your journey of healing and personal growth, building upon the foundations we've established in previous sessions. These sessions are tailored to address your current needs and intentions, providing you with the ongoing support and healing energy you require.

Service Overview:

  • Personalized Healing: Each session is customized to your specific needs, whether you are dealing with physical pain, emotional stress, or seeking spiritual growth.
  • Deep Relaxation: Experience deep relaxation and stress relief as the Reiki energy flows through your body, promoting a sense of peace and well-being.
  • Energy Balance: Reiki helps to balance your body's energy, promoting healing and restoring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Continued Reiki Sessions:

  • Ongoing Support: Regular sessions provide continuous support for your healing journey, helping you to maintain balance and well-being.
  • Enhanced Healing: Building on previous sessions, Reiki can help to address deeper issues and promote more profound healing.
  • Spiritual Growth: Continued Reiki practice can support your spiritual development, helping you to connect more deeply with your higher self and your purpose.

What to Expect:

  • Check-In: At the beginning of each session, we will discuss your current state, any new issues or goals, and set an intention for the session.
  • Reiki Treatment: You will relax in a comfortable position while Reiki energy is channeled to you. 
  • Post-Session Reflection: After the session, we will take a few moments to discuss your experience and any insights or sensations you may have had.

Session Options:

  • 60-Minute Session: $222
  • 90-Minute Session: $333

How to Book:

  • Scheduling: Use the BOOK NOW button on our website to schedule your next Reiki session. Select the session length that best suits your needs and availability.
  • Preparation: Arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to settle in and prepare for your session. Wear comfortable clothing and come with an open mind.

By continuing your Reiki journey with us, you are investing in your ongoing health and well-being. Our sessions are designed to provide you with the healing energy and support you need to thrive. Book your next session today and continue your path towards holistic wellness.

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